Remodeling to Sell Your Home Faster

Selling a home can be a complicated process.  You need to have it assessed, establish a price, prep it, list it, negotiate, and then complete a lot of paperwork.  Sometimes, homes don’t sell right away because of a defect or an unfavorable room.  When that happens, remodeling the home can be a great option to sell your home faster.  Below is how we handled it and how you can do the same.

Our latest sale was a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-story house just outside of Sedona.  It was appraised at $480,000, which is also the median home price for the city.  It’s gray with some brick in the front, has a wide 2-car garage, a long driveway, and an acre of land.  Inside, it’s very modern.  The floors are a special, colored laminate, the countertop is granite, and the appliances are all brand new.  The only “problem” in the house was the size of the bathroom on the first level; it was very small at only 9 square feet.  This confined space was the sticking point that lost multiple sales, so I had the bathroom renovated by a partner of ours – Polina Perju, owner of Let’s Remodel.

Let’s Remodel, based in Portland, Oregon, focuses mainly on bathroom remodeling, which is why I flew their team in for the project.  As a specialist, their experience was uniquely suited to my needs.  The 1st floor bathroom had very little light, the toilet was in an awkward spot, and the tub took up too much space.  Let’s Remodel presented an array of options, and we chose the one that would make the room feel the biggest.  The first change was adding a window to allow more light in; that gave the room a more open feeling.  Next, they ripped out the old tub and installed a walk-in, curbless shower.  Third, they switched the generic toilet to a custom wall hanging toilet to add some floor space.  Finally, they added new tiling to the floor and around the countertop, as well as new paint.  From start to finish, the bathroom transformation was simply amazing. The project took 3 days and personally, I don’t believe any other company could’ve completed it this fast with quality work.

After the bathroom renovation was completed, the first person who saw the house bought it.  Not only did they offer to buy the house in cash, but they also complimented us on the appearance of the first-floor bathroom.  So, what I’d like you to take away from this story is that you can always remodel parts of a house if you’re having trouble selling it.  The only caveats in doing so are the quality of the contractor and the pricing.  Regarding quality, make sure you have a remodeling contractor whom you trust to do the job right the first time.  And when it comes to pricing, consider setting a fixed price that the project will not surpass.  Following those two guidelines is the best way to ensure that your project adds value to the home and helps you sell it faster.

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